Two dead birds…

Having a husband who has an interest in all sorts of “manly” pursuits has its benefits. One of his interests is guns and although he has no license and does not own any himself, it helps connect with people who do. Long story short, his colleague gave him 2 pheasants after going on a hunt over the weekend (so no, they’re not roadkill!).

Two Dead Birds

As suggested by the fact that I’m writing a blog that is at least partially about food, one could conclude that I like cooking. I do. I like trying new recipes as well. However I’ve only ever prepared meat that was definitely more meat-like and less dead-animal-like. As in minus feathers and guts.

But hey, there’s a first time for everything and I’m excited to find out how these pheasants will taste after the hard work is over.

Any recipe suggestions anyone?

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