Cheap fruit trees!

I’ve been eagerly waiting for this for months, and keeping a close eye on the weekly email newsletters from Lidl & Aldi but finally it is time!

Yesterday unexpectedly I found some large containers full of fruit trees outside my local Aldi even though it hadn’t been mentioned in the newsletter! They had multiple varieties of Apple, Pear, Plum and some Cherry trees as well for £3.99 each. I guess lucky for me that it wasn’t advertised so they had a pretty good selection still, sometimes it can get a bit crazy with people hurrying to buy up the best varieties before I have the chance to get there after work.

Anyway, I’m very pleased to have purchased a both a Golden Delicious and Elstar apple tree. According to the labels the trees will measure 1.5-3m in height depending on how you prune them, so it seems they are on less vigorous rootstock which suits me perfectly. In spite of this though I don’t think I could accommodate more than two trees in my garden unless I start pulling other things out, but I’ll admit I was tempted to buy a few more varieties anyway!

As far as I could tell, my local Aldi had: Bramley, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Elstar, Golden Delicious apples, Conference and Doyenne du Comice pears, Morello Cherry, Opal and Victoria Plum. So if you are like me, just waiting impatiently for spring and cheap fruit trees in supermarket, you might want to check out your local Aldi quickly before they sell out!

Also – from the 16th onwards they will be selling Mediterranean shrubs again (along with some more gardening stuff). Last year I bought a little Lemon tree, which is doing quite well overwintering in the living room and is in full flower at the moment. This in spite of my bad planning last year where after buying it in spring there was no space indoors. This of course meant that the poor thing was outside battling the elements in the last of the spring frosts. Not something I would recommend  as all of its leaves curled up and fell off.

People are often sceptical of fruit trees at these low prices, but a little googling reveals that plenty of others have got decent results with these trees. The only thing to consider is that the trees are fairly young so it might take a few years before you get a decent harvest. Also, you’re not going to get a wide range of varieties. In any case, I’ll try to post some pictures of both the trees and whatever progress they make over the next few years.

4 thoughts on “Cheap fruit trees!

  1. Tim

    We’ve got several of last years trees that haven’t done a lot due to constant relocations. Hoping for better results this year!

    I did put in a couple at my scout hall last year and they even bore fruit!

  2. Hedonist Post author

    Really, fruit in the first year? That’s quite impressive. What variety were those trees?
    I’m still wondering what my apple trees will do this year, the buds haven’t opened yet so only time will tell whether they will flower or just grow leaves this season.

    1. Tim

      I think they were Elstar – the fruit was firm but as they weren’t fully developed – very sour. I took them off to allow the plant to really get its roots down.

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