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Fruit tree for 2012?

The cold moist weather has me yearning for the new year, but also makes me aware that this is the time for “planning” rather than “doing”. My idea of planning is less organised than I would like and largely consists of daydreaming and obsessing about things I’d like to change.

So lately I’ve been thinking that it’s only a matter of time before the Germans (Aldi/Lidl) have a special on bare root fruit trees. I had originally wanted a quince tree. After some consideration I decided against it – after all, I just want a quince tree because I like quince jelly. Nobody but me will eat the jelly though so it might be best not to get a big tree just for that. In fact, you can use ornamental (Japanese) quinces for jelly also, so I bought two little ones a few months ago. Not only are they prettier, they will be more compact than a tree.

Apple blossom

As a result I got the idea in my head that I should really have a fruit tree in the garden, and if not quinces then why not apples. We both like apples and it would be amazing to have fresh eating apples from the garden (I’d love to make my own cider as well, but then again, who will drink it?). What also swayed my decision is that every spring when some local stores have bare root fruit trees in stock, the apples actually start blooming if they’re kept indoors too long. As far as I’m aware, other fruit trees might not give any fruit in their first year and patience has never been my strongest quality.

You might think, great, that’s that settled then. There’s only one problem…. I haven’t got space for an apple tree :-( …. this is going to need further consideration…