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Rant: Gmail’s new look

Before I start off, yes I realise this has NOTHING to do with either food or gardening but I have to let off some steam.

So this morning I unsuspectedly logged into Gmail, only to be confronted with a screen telling me about the awesome new look they’ve been developing. It didn’t let me opt out right there so I had to go “to the new look”.

My god it’s horrible. It’s all white with no contrasting bits or lines or anything. Just white with black text on top. Great. Did they forget to attach a stylesheet?

Not just that, also, someone (undoubtedly some spoilt designer with a 26 inch monitor and huge resolution to match) decided it would be a good idea to increase the spacing between the rows of emails to double spacing. Great if you have above mentioned 26 inch monitor with huge resolution. But on my 19 inch monitor with a resolution of 1440×900 the end result is that instead of 20 emails in the old view, I can now only see 12 emails without having to scroll down! How stupid is that!

At the bottom right corner of the new view, the black “Send Feedback” box was just staring me in the face, I could not resist. I let it all out! This isn’t just me expressing the fact that I don’t like change, this isn’t baseless and irrational! I have good reason to hate the new look and I don’t appreciate the fucking fascists at Google forcing it onto me. I’ll switch back to the old look for as long as I can, and hope someone sees my email and realises the idiotic design decisions they have made. I want to keep the old Gmail, Google! Change isn’t always progress!

Underneath the bit “What, if anything, would you change about the new version?” I wrote:

It’s hard to read, emails are spaced out too much so I have to scroll down more. Contrast is lacking, making it strain my eyes trying to read it. Furthermore it’s all just white, as if the stylesheet forgot to load. I hate it. Can I have the old one back now?


UPDATE: I’m glad it’s not just me being difficult.. I just received the following text from my husband:

Gmail fucked my thing with the new look too.

Me: You can still switch back

Where bloody from???

As you can see, this silly new look has people panicking trying to find a way to get rid of it. Could it be we’re all just odd and Google knows better? I don’t think so!